Why must it be on the roof?

This is primarily stated by the EN 795 standard. Secondly, there are risk zones on roofs where people must not move unsecured. These are particularly the edges of the roof, skylights and other passages where there is a risk of falling. The safety system secures the people moving on the roof in order to eliminate the risk of falling.

When is the safety system used?

How does the safety system work?

The safety system consists of stainless anchoring points fixed to the surface of the roof and used to hold type “C” or only type “A” ropes. The system provides further anchoring of people according to valid standards so they can freely move on the roof.


The ROOFIX system is in accordance with ČSN and laws. During the design, manufacturing and assembly, we follow ČSN EN 795:2013. In addition, we follow:

We are certified by a state testing laboratory

Compliance with these standards is not only a matter of course but also in the following years when we make regular revisions of the system according to regulations.

You will not fall with us