Our vision

Our mission is to capture your falls. We change fear into luck

We were established not so long ago. It was in 2015. We belong to the BJK Group of Companies. The common theme throughout the whole group is to help. And so we are trying to contribute to a greater degree of safety with our modest attempt.

The aim of our work is to ensure safety on roofs using ROOFIX elements to protect you and your relatives. We do everything to make sure you can easily and safely move at heights without fear.

Our values

How did it all begin?

Like all great ideas, the ROOFIX system was created by coincidence and a gap in the market, when we responded flexibly to the demand for a safety system. The development and certification of the first safety system, which was produced in the Czech Republic, was in autumn 2014. The first system implementation took place one year later. We permanently develop both internally and within the product portfolio.

Development is beautiful.